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About me:
I grew up the middle child in a family of five children.  My two older brothers and I were close in age being born within a four-year span.  I was four-and-a-half when my first sister was born, and just under six when the youngest sister was born.  I like to describe myself as the "oldest, youngest, middle child" because I was the oldest of the three girls, the youngest of the first three children, and I was the middle of the whole brood.  I truly believe I have characteristics of all three birth orders!

My father was in the Air Force, and we traveled a lot.  The longest we stayed in any places were the overseas duty stations.  The military really does not like to pay to move an entire family half-way around the world for just a short stay!  Because we did travel a lot, although I accepted Christ when we lived in Texas just before Daddy was transferred to Wheelus Air Force Base, Tripoli, Libya, I was actually not baptized until we got to Tripoli.  I was baptized in the Mediterranean Sea!  Mom always said I got baptized twice because as I was walking into the water between Chaplain Gurley and an airman who was also being baptized, I stepped into a hole and went completely under before Chaplain Gurley and the airman lifted me out of the water!

Donna Fitts is the author of a new Christian romance novel entitled, "An Unexpected Romance."

You can now order my first novel for your Kindle!  Just go to Amazon.com!  If you prefer the print format, it can be purchased from either http://www.amazon.com or http://wwwbarnesandnoble.com!

Career History

I have served in part-time positions as both a paid staff member and a volunteer in churches in Louisiana, California, Mississippi, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. 

In 1981, I began a career in education, first as a one-on-one interpreter for a hearing impaired child, then a classroom special education teaching assistant.  During the seven years I worked in these positions, I felt led to go back to school-having already completed a two year program at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary-and obtained a teaching credential in special education. 

When we moved back to California, I was required to obtain a Master's Degree and thought I would get a Master's in special education.  However, because I already had a Bachelor's in special education, California State University did not (at least at that time) offer enough additional courses for me to get a Master's in special education.  So, upon the advice of the school, I instead obtained my Master's in Educational Administration and subsequently became an elementary school principal.  My administrative experience includes over 13 years in elementary administration:  three years in Greenville, Mississippi, three years in South Kingstown, Rhode Island, and over seven years in Charlestown, Rhode Island.

After deciding to retire from education, I was very excited when God called me to a full-time staff position at First Baptist Church, Conroe Texas, where I began serving as Director of their Preschool Academy in October, 2010.

 Then, to add even more excitement, I learned that Ellechor Publishing was interested in publishing my first novel, "Prodigals"!

About My Family

We have two wonderful children, five fabulous grandchildren and one precious great-grandchild.  Our son, Benjamin Fitts, is a top money earner in the Send Out Cards organization and has recently moved to Austin, Texas.  Our daughter, Brenda, is married and lives in California with her husband, Kole, and her daughter, Brittany.  Three of Brenda's four boys live and work in Delaware.  The youngest lives in California where he is pursuing a career in the music industry.

 About My Writing

I have realized as an adult that I probably have ADHD.  I have always been a "starter" but not much of a "finisher."  I never, ever dreamed of writing a book.  Certainly not a romance novel!  I have always loved to read, but the genr├ęs I chose most often were historical fiction, autobiography, and christian help books.  My secretary, Janice Gough, and school clerk, Cathy Holloway, encouraged me to take a book on vacation instead of the professional magazines I had planned to take. 

The book Jan gave me was a christian romance novel.  I enjoyed it immensely, and began reading christian romance novels.  One day, as I finished the latest novel, I realized that all of the christian romance novels I had been reading were about young women.  All of the women I knew who were reading these novels were, like me, more than fifty years old.  I began looking for a christian romance novel with characters who were, well, senior citizens.  I realized that many women my age had lost their husbands, and quite a few of them had found love a second time. 

The next thing I knew, I felt absolutely compelled to write Prodigals (Now titled An Unexpected Romance).  The remarkable thing about it was that when I was teaching, I would always tell the students to start with a story board or outline of your story so you know where it is going, but in this situation, strange as it seems, the story just kind of wrote itself.  I never knew where the story was going, but I just sort of knew when a chapter was over. 

When I finished the book, I didn't think about writing a second one.  However, not too long ago, I felt the urge to begin writing a second book.  I've only completed a couple of chapters, but once again, I have no idea where it is going!  I'll let you know when it is finished!

Our sweet little great-granddaughter, Maeve!

More About My Life

Before his death, my brother and I sat down one day and talked about how much we had moved around as kids.  With his help, since he was older than I was and remembered more places than I did, we figured out that by the time we graduated from high school, we had lived in 42 different houses, three countries, and seven states!  I discovered from talking to him and to my younger sisters, that I was apparently the only one who truly enjoyed moving a lot.

As an adult, my husband and I have kept up the moving, living in 24 different houses and six states in the 41 years we have been married!  It goes like this:  We met and married while living in California.  He decided he wanted to go back to college, so we sold the house we were living in at the time (number 5) and moved to Mississippi (two more houses).  After about a year, he felt God's call to seminary and off we went to Louisiana.  We actually stayed in various places (total of 6 more houses) in Louisiana for twelve years!  Then, we moved back to California for seven years (wow, only two different houses in seven years), then back to Mississippi for three years (plus two houses), before moving to Rhode Island in 1998.  Two years later, we moved to Connecticut, where we stayed for six years.  When I grew tired of the long commute back to Rhode Island where I worked as a principal, we bought a house in Rhode Island and moved back there. We lived in five different homes in Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Our next move, in the last quarter of 2010, was  to Texas, where I began full time service at FBC Conroe, Texas.  We rented a place for the first year, then bought our home here.  Of all those homes in which we lived over the years, we actually owned eight of them.  Think of all that rent money thrown away over the years!

 My Favorites:

Color:  Red  (it reminds me of the blood of Jesus Christ, that covers my sins!)

Book:  The Bible

Psalm:  103

Fruit:  Strawberries

Candy:  Snickers

Food:  Barbecue Chicken Pizza from K&S Pizza in Charlestown, RI

Vacation:  Anywhere in the Caribbean!

Vacation activity:  Snorkeling in clear, warm, shallow water over a coral reef

Above:  Our son Benjamin, our nephew, Lee and his new wife, Megan, me and my husband, Ron.

Josh, Bryan, Joey, Brittany, and Brenda.  Jeffrey was off with friends!  Maybe at Jeffrey's graduation I can get a picture of all of them!

Here they are at Jeffrey's graduation!  Brenda in front and her five children behind her!  Josh, Bryan, Joey, Jeffrey, and Brittany 

Yes, that is me, fulfilling my agreement to a challenge from my students.  They brought in over 900 food items to see me like this!  You get to see it for free!

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